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Puppy Supplies

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are a proud owner of an English Bulldog puppy!

Raised food and water bowl

English Bulldogs do have trouble digesting their food, leaning down to eat and drink can make matters worse. By raising the food and water bowls you can help minimize the risk of any digestive issues and/or gas. This also helps withe reducing strain on your pup’s head and neck.

Harness and Leash

Traditional collars around their neck can put their neck and trachea at risk when he/she tugs, lunges or makes a fast jerking motion. A harness feels better for your pup and gives you more control. The force from training your pup is more unified on his or her body rather then their neck.

Dog Nail Clippers and or Dremel

Long nails aren’t only unappealing to the eye but can also cause deformity on your Bulldogs toes. Read your manual for proper usage in clipping nails.

Sturdy Wire Crate

Your going to want to crate train your pup - this will help with potty training and when your not home he doesnt destroy the house. You should never put food or water in their crate or treats. This will also help him feel safe and secure in a small space rather than out in the open. 

Throw Rugs or Small Carpets

Bulldogs are naturall wobbly and walking on slick tile or wood floors makes them uneasy on their feet. This constant slipping and sliding can cause joint damage later in life.

Dog Brush

Bristle brushes closely spaced work best for their short smooth coat.

Bed and Accessories

Yes a small bed for your pup that fits well in his crate, this will be a nice cozy place for them to sleep.

Flushable Wipes

Without mom around anymore someone needs to keep their bottoms clean. Theis tails are so close and spiral infacteion can occur, its always best to wipe their bottoms after they go potty. 


When sitting on the furniture its best to provide a blanket for furniture protection; puppies poop and pee everywhere.


Safe toys for pups without small parts that may become detached or cause choking hazards. Toys also help to prevent them from chewing shoes, furniture and you. No rawhides better toys for this pup include balls, rope toys and kongs.

Baby Gates

Keep your puppy confined to small areas of the home at a time, too much space can scare them in the wide open. The more the merrier with a new pup especially at stairs. 

Hygeine Care

Sensitive skin oatmeal shampoo, cotton balls, sterile eye wash, dog toothbrush, vaseline, benedryl - 

  • Shampoos can be done about every 2 wks
  • Cotton Balls for cleaning hard to reach areas 
  • Sterile Eye Wash for cleaning folds with some cotton balls
  • Dog Toothbrush keep their teeth clean 
  • Vaseline for thier nose keeps it moist
  • Benedryl for skin allergies

Potty Pads

Place in one area to help contain accidents and one in the crate for early training.

Name Tags

Your pup needs an ID tag at all times, pups can slip out of your hands in a flash. We use Micro Chips on all our English Bulldogs PetLink is inserted by your vet and is free to register online.

Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Puppies have accidents and over and over in the same area can lead to long term smells. This also helps to prevent them from going in the same spot. 

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